My Drinking Water Station

What is My Drinking Water Station?

My Drinking Water Station is an under-sink water purification system that gives you clean, great tasting water right at your sink.

Why My Drinking Water Station?

Awesome Water

Fresh filtered water directly from your sink!

Not Just for Drinking

Cook, make ice cubes and wash your hands with purified water

No Heavy Lifting

Stop lugging around gallons worth of bottled water or replacing heavy five gallon bottles

Environmentally Friendly

Save hundreds of pounds of plastic bottles from being throw away or recycled

Save Money

The average house uses hundreds of gallons of bottled water a year. Check out our savings calculator below!

Easy to Install

We can install the station or provide you with an easy DIY kit

How Much Could I Save?



Get good water

How much water should I drink in a day?

One can go weeks without food but only days without water.

Water affects the functioning of our organs and our ability to fight disease. It helps us to maintain a healthy weight and cope emotionally. The positive effects of drinking plenty of quality water can be seen in all aspects of our health and appearance.

In a typical day you lose 2 to 3 liters of water. If you don’t replace it, your body will naturally pull the water away from your skin, nails and hair – the fundamentals of good looks – to the critical systems that need it for basic good health. Drinks with caffeine such as coffee, tea and soft drinks have a limited water replacement value as they are diuretics and therefore promote water loss. Fruit, vegetables and juices all contribute well to water replacement; however, they also contain calories that, for a growing segment of the population, are a problem. Water, on the other hand, is totally calorie free. This is why it is recommended that we drink 8 ten ounce glasses of water each day. It is the most sensible way to meet our fundamental water needs.

Is filtered water less expensive than bottled?

What about those bottles of water that so many people have become attached to? First, they’re expensive — sometimes costing more than $1.00 per liter, which translates into 800 to 4800 times the cost of tap water. Second, they’re cumbersome to tote, and you have to go to the store to purchase them. Third, all of those plastic containers must be recycled, or they’ll crowd landfills. And finally, depending on the source of the bottled water, it may be nothing more than filtered municipal water. In fact, contrary to the popular image of remote Alpine meadows and unspoiled streams, bottled-water sources are often near metropolitan areas.

Isn’t bottled water better for you than tap water?


While bottled water is generally of good quality, Federal standards for bottled water are no stricter than standards for tap water. That means that federal regulations only require bottlers to test for a handful of the hundreds of known chemical contaminants. But there are other issues to consider such as cost, convenience and usability. It is a lot less expensive to own your own Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station when you consider the time and costs associated with bottled water. Also, your Kinetico drinking water system will allow you to use the water for many purposes including cooking without rationing. Treating your own water at home will eliminate the need for storing bulky plastic bottles and supply you with unlimited water, right on tap, at prices per litre that are considerably less than buying bottled water. 

Another issue is that the use of bottled water is environmentally questionable when one considers the unnecessary costs of plastic generation, product transportation and empty bottle waste/recycling.



Don’t water filters remove important minerals from my water?


Studies have found that minerals in your drinking water make essentially no contribution to your health and may even be present in forms your body can’t absorb. Minerals in an inorganic state flow through our systems versus minerals in an organic state that are readily absorbed by our bodies. You are much better off maintaining a balanced diet that provides you with an adequate supply of important vitamins and minerals.

However, for those who do want to add healthy mineral into their drinking water, or if you’d just prefer the flavor of water with a bit of mineralization, we offer the Mineral Plus Flexfiltration cartridge which can be included in the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station.



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